Benefits: Cloud Computing and Modern Workplace for Small Business (SMB) in a post-Covid world.

The Cloud Revolution

Consider the main driving force of the ongoing digital revolution, the cloud has quickly become one of the most popular forms of modern technology – one that provides its users with brand-new opportunities.

Enabling you to use its virtual space for running your data-driven systems and services. it gives you a chance to improve your business efficiency and reduce operational costs significantly.

Gauranteeing ease of access and financial flexibility, necessary for reacting quickly to ever-changing market conditions, cloud-based solutions are being adopted by a rapidly growing number of companies of all sizes and industries.

In other words, the cloud is gaining momentum – just look at the facts and figures below.

What are the Key Benefits

  • Fast Implementations
    Using a cloud-based solution means evading all of the time-consuming project-implimentation processes. In other words, you can have a cloud system or service running in a matter of days.
  • Instant Access to Data
    With the possibility to connect with the cloud from almost any location, users are guarnteed to have instant access to business-relevant information.
  • Flexibility of Provision
    With clouds, the range of functaionalities can easily be scaled up or down. Thus, it is much easier to find the right offer – one that meets your financial and operational requirements.
  • Reduced Costs
    Thanks to many possible business models, you are no longer obliged to sign any long-term contracts requiring large financial investments.
  • Hardware-level Reliability
    Modern cloud systems are designed to provide a seamless working experience – one that will never compromise your business efficiency.
  • Modern, Advanced Security
    Cnsidering that 85% of companies are said to store sensitive data in a cloud environment (source: Vormetric), all of that information has to be as secure as if it was stored in a well-guarded vault.
  • Dynamic Work Optimisation
    By using the cloud and outsourcing your IT operations, you can focus more on other tasks that are just as important for your company’s growth.

The Cloud in Numbers

By the end of 2020:

  • 67% of enterprises, infrastructure and software, will be cloud-drive solutions.
  • 76% of businesses are moving their systems and data to the cloud to accelerate IT service delivery.
  • 77% of enterprises already have at least one application or some part of their IT infrastructure in the cloud.
  • 54% of enterprises say that IT must increase its collaboration with other business units as a result of cloud investments.
  • 71.3% of all cloud services currently in use are enterprise focussed. The remaining 28.7% are consumer-oriented solutions.

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