Hello, we're hugmypc

We deliver the same enterprise-grade cloud computing technologies and benefits that larger organisations and government entities benefits from in terms of reducing OpEx and increasing business efficiency and productivity.

We’ve been operating in the enterprise markets for over 20 years and have identified a gap in that most of the larger outsourcers tend to ignore the smaller SME markets, and that is why we created hugmypc. We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to deliver enterprise cloud solutions to the smaller businesses without the steep cost of entry.

Why choose us

hugmypc’s business has always been 100% cloud focussed. Everything that hugmypc does aim to help our SMB customers increase revenue, reduce cost and mitigate risk. We manage the end-to-end delivery of our services and solutions by providing project management, solution advisors and implementors, and service delivery management while working closely with you to create an outcome that is fit-for-purpose and aligned with your business goals and objectives.

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